About MaxXfan ventilators

MaxXfan ventilators are HVLS ventilators: High Volume Low Speed. These ventilators cool large open buildings and enhance the natural ventilation. The ventilators are able move an enormous amount of air thanks to their large diameter. The low rotational speed creates a pleasant, light breeze and also ensures that the ventilator is extremely quiet. This will not create unrest in the stable and will improve the overall animal comfort in the stable.

Why ventilate?

There is often no wind on warm days, leading to very little natural ventilation in the stable and sometimes none at all. The result is a hot and humid climate in the stable. In such climates cattle suffer from heat stress: with temperatures above 20 ÂșC, animals use a lot of energy to cool off. With animals unable to release their warmth they start to suffer from heat stress. This leads to lower feed intake (10-15%) and reduced milk production. In addition, the chance of infections increases due to the moist climate. This is why it is important to have a fresh, well-ventilated stable.

How MaxXfan ventilators work

MaxXfan ventilators are the ideal solution for cooling and ventilating of large stables. The ventilators have a large diameter and a low rotation speed. This enables them to have a long range and supply a soft, light breeze throughout the entire stable. Fresh air is taken in via the sides of the ventilators and is mixed with air from stable. The hot humid air is then discharged through the openings in the roof. This vertical and horizontal air stream results in natural ventilation throughout the entire stable.

All year long

During warmer periods, this air movement causes a lowering of the humidity and saturation limit which improves the evaporation of moisture. This has a cooling effect and ensures a pleasant, fresh climate. It also helps the animals shed their warmth and keep their body temperatures constant. The ventilators also keep the humidity level acceptable during fall and winter months.

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MaxXfan ventilators are suitable for any large space where extra ventilation and cooling is required to create an optimal climate. This is especially important in the agrarian sector to ensure that animals perform optimally and products have a longer shelf-life. That is why the ventilators are perfect for cattle farming, milk goat farming, pig farming, poultry farming, horse farming, arable farming and storage warehouses of, for example, potatoes.

The most important benefits of MaxXfan ventilators

  • Better stable climate
    MaxXfan ventilators ensure air movement throughout the entire stable. They offer cooling and enhance the natural ventilation.
  • Lower humidity
    The movement of air stimulates evaporation of moisture and provides a cooling effect.
  • Better feed intake
    Thanks to the air movement, the feed stays fresher which increases feed intake. A higher feed intake and pleasant stable climate result in a higher production.
  • Improved animal welfare & hygiene.
    The air movement reduces the number of flies and birds in the stable. It also keeps the grids and pens dryer thereby lowering the chance of infections. In deep litter barns, the straw remains dryer which reduces the likelihood of infection as well as reducing the weight of the manure.


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Better stable climate

Lower humidity

Better feed intake

Improved hygiene